Students, today in class we will be discussing our classroom rules and expectations. In my classroom we will be using a teaching system called Whole Brain Teaching. Whole Brain Teachers of America is a grass roots, education reform movement that begun in 1999 by three Yucaipa, California teachers: Chris Biffle (college), Jay Vanderfin (elementary school) and Chris Rekstad (elementary school). In the last 10 years they have given seminars to over 6,000 educators representing over 300,000 students. Although they are centered in Southern California, they have been contacted by teachers from across the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. Typically, their free seminars, offered three times a year at Crafton Hills College, attract over 400 instructors.  Their websites receives over 2,000 hits per day.

Rather than explain what exactly what it is that Whole Brain Teaching (Power Teaching) is by watching it in action. I would like to invite everyone to watch the short video that I have posted at the beginning of the post.

Mr. McClung

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