DSC00465As apart of spirit week and Red Ribbon Week, today was dress up like your favorite teacher day at school. Now since this special day fell on a Tie Tuesday, I became a easy target for student to mimic my style of dress. Above is a picture of my shoes (the big ones) and two other students were choose to replicate my everyday school footwear.

tieTaking it a step further, my third hour students decided to mock my use of a sweater vest. Let me say this, I love a good sweater vest and I personally don’t see the humor in wearing a sweater vest as apart of replicating my likeness…..but apparently they do.

DSC00458Lastly, my Tie Tuesday fanatics were out in full force this today. Above is a picture of my first hour class who had a record turn out for participants in Tie Tuesday. Great job by all students that dressed like their favorite teacher and I really appreciated the “creative” perspective you all had on myself and other teachers. Well done.

Mr. McClung

44 thoughts on “Tie Tuesday Look Alikes”

  1. WOW.I wish our school did things this creative.It sounds like a lot of fun.And it looks like a lot of people participated.

  2. I think its funny that your third hour class has a sense of humor. Its also really cool how many people participate in tie Tuesday.

  3. I liked the first picture on red ribbon week. I think its pretty cool that you have a tie Tuesday over were you are.

  4. I think it’s pretty cool that you guess came up with dress like your favorite teacher day.I also liked that you still do tie Tuesday.I think that you should come back to our school.

  5. Thats cool when Mr.McClung was a teacher here they did that tie Tusday but for 6th grade. I wish we did cool things like that here at this school. The vests are a little crazy for me though!

  6. I loved your pictures. I never took your class but I wish I would’ve. You seem like an awesome teacher. When I see these pictures I can really tell that your students really like you !!

  7. You still have the “Tie Tuesday” going?! 🙂 Wow! Well I hope you’re having fun over there! We miss you! By the way, you have some cute looking kids in her class! 😉

  8. I think its really kool that your school get to dress up as there favorite teacher.I wish that are school was that kool!!!*

  9. That is cool how you kept the tradition alive like you did in our school. I think we can beat their record though. Can you comment on my blog at jacob-everybodysblog.blogspot.com


  10. Ya that’s pretty funny! Although we miss you here at Noel you look happy..and it looks like you have some nice lookin people in your class!!;-)

  11. It would be so kool if we had dress like our favorite teacher day here @ Noel. We all miss you here @ Noel and we hope you like it there:) Have an Amazing Life:)

  12. That is really cool i wish we could have had dress like a teacher or tie day for our red ribbon week!
    ~ J!E!S!I!C!A~

  13. I liked the way your students mimicked you on the converse shoes. I like that. I also like how they were sweater vest, because not all students would have the guts to wear it. 🙂

  14. I really like the tie thing that you guys had. I wish our school would plan a day to do that. I’m going to try to convince our teachers to let us have a tie day. =)

  15. He that is a nice school you have there. but i have something to ask you, you ready? here it come, did you like there better then here noel elementary school?.but that is a very nice classroom you have their. so maybe i will see you around some day.so i just want to say high to you because we all miss you we want you to come back. your blog is really good too. By:from Bradley have a very nice day, or year, or month, or night.

  16. way cool that you guys are still doing all that cool stuff at your new school. but i never got to know where you went to so you should send a message back lol.

  17. I think its really neat that you have tie Tuesdays and days that you dress up as something, it probably makes school days more exciting. I wish my school would do more dress up days more often. I can tell that a lot of Mr. McClung’s students love him as a teacher!!!!

  18. That sounds like a great idea – dress up like your favourite teacher!! We don’t have that here at our school. What a way to engage your students. Great work.

    Miss Lavakula and Room 10@Pt England School, Auckland, N.Z

  19. Wow that seems like it was a really great day.
    You must have felt pretty special to have so many kids dress like you.
    I wish we did that here.
    Rm 10 Morrinsville Intermediate
    New Zealand

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