Lección Uno: Grizzly Adams Did Have a Beard

Grizzly AdamsI have also had a infatuation with Grizzly Adams and his glorious beard, but this week I received a pleasant surprise when one of my students walked in with a Grizzly Adams book written by Robert McClung…..that’s right, I said McClung. For those of you not real familiar with the surname McClung I’m here to tell you that there are not a whole lot of dudes running around with the same last name as me. In fact, some people even find my last name down right strange….whatever. So the chance that a distant relative of mine actually wrote this book brings me great joy and provides another badge of honor for the proud McClung surname. Rock on Robert….rock on.

Lección Dos: Eye Flicking….Not Cool

eyeflickThis week I have recorded several lessons in both of my science and social studies classes. I have been recording so that I can provide the lectures from class in a online version that students can view at anything. I constantly preach to my students the importance of proper behavior when the camera is rolling. However, the two knuckleheads sitting in the front row of this picture did not heed my advice. As you can see from the picture, knucklehead #1 (gray hoodie) is in the process of flicking knucklehead #2 in the eye. This was not the only event that took place during my recording. In fact, there is about 4 minutes of solid gold where these two are slapping each other and performing other acts of nonsense…..so proud of these boys.

Lección Tres: Calculator Rulers are Awwwwwesome!


I think this goes without saying, but there is nothing cooler than a calculator ruler (my students agree). The fact that someone had the genius to produce such a useful tool simply blows my mind. I mean think about it! No longer will you have to carry around but a ruler and a calculator individually. You can truly have your cake and eat it too with this modern marvel. Storm the stores immediately and buy yourself two or three calculator rulers.
Mr. McClung

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