Lesson One – Quit Playing Games With My Heart

This week we had our semi monthly advisory period to help prepare for our course selection for next school year. In my advisory we tend to celebrate our coming together with food, and Wednesday was no exception. We had a Valentine’s themed meal on Wednesday and we had tons of goodies…and then there was a cow heart. One of my students decided it would be funny to bring an actual heart, cow heart that is, to class as a symbol of Valentine’s Day…makes sense right? However, there is a we soon realized that there is very little you can actually do with a cow heart despite how much fun it sounds.

Lesson Two – Stress Test

I’ve been a bit stressed of late and it is mainly due in part to the fast approaching track season. This will be my first year as the head coach of the team and I’m quickly realizing how much work has to be done in order to get two teams ready for the season. We have been putting in the extra miles and working hard to prepare for the season. However, I’m asking for the patients of my Arkansas history students because this time of year I can be a bit on edge…shocker I know.

Lesson Three – Lights Out

Friday night was the last basketball game to be hosted in Fayetteville High School’s gym. The gym will be torn down to make way for the new gym they will have in place next year and for further renovations of the high school. When the lights go out on gym it will put to an end of 60 years of high school basketball.

Mr. McClung

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