Lesson One – #TheMcClungs2012

Yesterday we held the 3rd Annual McClungs Award Ceremony…and it was kind of a big deal. All together 80 students were recognized yesterday for their “achievements” in my class and the entire ceremony with off without a hitch. We had several former students come by to visit, including students that are currently at the high school. At one point we had 50 students in my classroom for the 4th period ceremony.

Lesson Two – Thank You!

I have the best students in the world. Today is my birthday and I have received countless birthday wishes from my students as well as a few birthday sweets. I am very fortunate to be at the school that I am at and to be surrounded by such wonderful students. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and goodies…I very much appreciate it.

Lesson Three – Closing Time

With this being our last Friday of the school year, this blog post will be our last lessons learned for the 11-12 school year. This has truly been a wonderful year for as a teacher and I am very grateful that I get the opportunity to teach such wonderful students in a fantastic school district. At the conclusion of each year I am left thinking that the next group of students could not possibly top the previous group that are leaving, and each year I am proven wrong when the fall semester rolls around. Next year will be a bit different though since I will be teaching 9th grade civics; meaning that I will more than likely have some of the same students again next year. Nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to the next school year and the opportunity to work with some of the same students for two years in a row. Thank you everyone for a great year.

Mr. McClung

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