Tutor It Up

In my AVID class, my students have been slowly introduced to AVID approach to tutoring. The past two weeks we have spent time examining how to question each other and how to properly help each other work through problems that we may have in content area classes. Since we are still waiting to get our tutors in place, today we took some time to have student led tutor sessions. Students were asked to group according to alike problems that they have with their studies.

Today’s session went really well and students really began to take leadership of their learning by listening and teaching their fellow students. We will have another tutoring session on Thursday that will be a bit more formal, updates to come.

Mr. McClung

Doing Work

Embedded above is an article that was featured in multiple Northwest Arkansas newspapers yesterday that featured our new AVID program.

Mr. McClung

Questions, Questions, and More Questions

In the past week, my AVID students have been focusing on the power of asking questions. We have reviewed the Costa’s Levels of Questioning which focuses on identifying basic questions and deeper level questions. Today in class my students got the opportunity to test out their new found skill of questioning.

In the video above you will see a group of my students in a group of six practicing a tutor session. These sessions are powerful because it requires one student present a problem they are having with their assignment to the rest of the group while the other five have to help them solve their problem by only asking questions.

Mr. McClung

Finding Motivation

Students, today in AVID we will be talking quite a bit about what you should expect from AVID and what I expect from you as your AVID teacher. In this post are two videos of student testimonials reflecting back on their experience with AVID. We will watch these two videos today in class and discuss them.

Mr. McClung