Blended Learning

This year we have taken a new approach to the way that we incorporate technology into our classroom instruction. Our school has utilized programs...

BOTW – Houndmouth

On The Road by Houndmouth on Grooveshark Mr. McClung
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Welcome Back

After a very long hiatus I’ve decided to return to my website…and at the right time of year seeing that our first day of...

China Experience – Spring Break 2013

For spring break this year I took a trip to China with students from Woodland and FHS to China as apart of a group...
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Playing Catch-Up

After a long hiatus, I thought it was time to touch base on my website and give some quick updates…lessons learned style. Since the...

Pick Me Up

Happy Friday…here is a short pep talk to get you through what is left of this week. Enjoy. Mr. McClung

Public Appearances

Last week Leverett Elementary was invited to attend the monthly school district board meeting and lead the meeting in the pledge of allegiance. Accompany...
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There’s Gotta Be Another Way

A conversation that we really need to start having as educators is how do change math? I know that there has been an influx...
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Mr. Harry’s Kindergarten

Harry’s Kindergarten is a wonderful YouTube channel that provides educational videos to teach the basics of kindergarten. Our kindergarten teachers are currently using Mr....

Sweat Hogs

Yesterday morning athletes from the University of Arkansas stopped by Leverett...

Soft Skills

What measurable educational factors determine real life success for individuals? Educators,...